6mm Red Jasper jemstone bracelet with 10mm gold Vermeil star bead. Sterling silver bead plated with 24K gold. Every Voulez Vibes item features a gorgeous sterling silver Voulez Vibes disc charm.

Beautiful Natural Red Jasper Gemstone Bracelet For Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra or just for its beauty.


Each bracelet has beautifully polished 6mm Gemstone beads.
this item  would make a lovely gift for a yoga teacher or yoga enthusiast.
As gemstones are a natural not dyed material each bracelet has it's own totally unique colouring and markings.


Red Jasper gemstone meaning:
Historically, Red Jasper was known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance, a talisman of warriors and a promoter of justice, protection, and life. It staunched the blood of wounds, stirred the pulse, and increased fertility. According to Viking and Germanic legend, the hilt of the magical sword of Siegfried, the dragon slayer, was inlaid with Red Jasper to bring him courage. The ancient Egyptians linked Red Jasper with the fertilizing blood of Mother Isis, and often carved it into protective amulets to be placed upon the neck of the deceased, engraved with the 156th chapter of the Book of the Dead. Based on the stones known and used at the time of the Hebrew exodus, it is believed Red Jasper was likely the “Ruby” listed in the Bible - the Odem, or first stone in the breastplate of Aaron, the High Priest, engraved with the tribal name of Reuben. Red Jasper was called the blood of Mother Earth by Native American tribes and was used to stimulate health and re-birth, new ideas and strategies, and increased one’s sensitivity to the earth when dowsing for water or calling in rain.

Red jasper elasticated gemstone bracelet